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Students Appear on
Nationally Distributed Video

On March 25, 2015, Videographer Tom Henwood visited Holston High School to interview students for WISE Financial Literacy.  Henwood was out to discover the methods that the Holston students and their teacher, Joy Munsey, have been using to perform so well on the WISE Financial Literacy Test.  WISE stands for Working in Support of Education.  Students who complete the coursework and pass the post-test are given a nationally recognized certificate.  The certificate also insures that they will receive a credential toward graduation for their class.  Henwood interviewed students who have already passed the post-test and those who are currently preparing to take the post-test in April.

Holston's classes are renowned for their performance on the test.  Two years ago, Mrs. Munsey's students ranked 24th in the nation.  Last year, they bettered their performance and finished 7th.  Holston is one of two schools in the nation that will appear in the WISE video.  Because of the outstanding results her classes achieved, Mrs. Munsey was awarded a trip last year to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) where she met with other teachers and business leaders.  Holston is honored to have the recognition and congratulates Mrs. Munsey and her students on their continued success.

The completed video will be featured at the awards program hosted by WISE and the NYSE on April 20th.  The program will honor the top 30 WISE high schools.

(Article Contributed by Assistant Principal - Jackson Barker)

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Cavalier Band Marches in 
Saint Patrick's Day Parade @ Chicago

Faculty Meetings Now
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(27th - 28th) Softball Tournament
           @ Lord Botetourt
30th - JV Base/Softball @ JSB    
31st - Base/Softball @ Marion


 1st - Track Meet @ Patrick Henry
(2nd - 6th) - (School will be
         Closed for Spring Break)
2nd - Baseball Home - Twin Valley
 6th - JV Softball @ Council
 7th - Report Cards go home
 7th - Baseball & Softball @ Haysi
 8th - Baseball & Softball Home
          - Honaker
 8th - Track Meet - Home
10th - JV Baseball & Softball
           Home - Honaker
11th - Softball @ Abingdon 
  Tournament Vs. Auburn (1 p.m.)
  & Grayson County (2:30 p.m.)
11th - Track Meet @ Patrick Henry
14th - Base/Softball @ Northwood
           (JV Base/Softball Home)
15th - Track Meet @
G. Wythe
17th - Base/Softball @ Chlhowie
           (JV Base/Softball Home)  



The Princess & The Pea
Comes to Holston High


The Holston High School Chorus and Student Body are very pleased to present “Once Upon a Mattress”.  This delightful musical is a spoof on the old fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea.  It will be presented on Friday and Saturday, April 17th and 18th, at 7:00 PM both nights in the HHS Auditorium.  Admission is $5.00 for adults and $4.00 for students and senior citizens.  Preschoolers are free.

The play begins with our medieval minstrel singing the story as most of us know it. We are then told it is not quite the way that things actually happened, and the story progresses from there.  Characters include an overbearing Queen, who is determined that no Princess is going to be good enough for her darling boy.  There is a mute king (who cannot speak because of a spell cast on him).  The conflict arises because of a law that states no one may marry until the Prince gets married.  Naturally, the whole royal court is very anxious to find a suitable Princess, so that they also may get married.  Enter Princess Winnifred, whom everyone likes, except the Queen.  How the story unfolds from there is something you will not want to miss!

The delightful songs in this musical were written by Mary Rodgers, who is the daughter of Richard Rodgers, of Rodgers and Hammerstein fame.  Carol Burnett had the lead role of Winnifred when the play opened on Broadway, and the role is what helped lead to her stardom.  Our Winnifred is Ashelyn W., with Jake J. as Prince Dauntless, Mary R. as Queen Aggravain, and Nick W. as King Sextimus.  Other leads include Megan B. as Lady Larken, Michael J. as Sir Harry, Chandler L. as the Jester, Summer S. as the Minstrel, and Takoda C. as the Wizard.  Please come and help fill up our auditorium for these hardworking and talented students.  Tickets will be available soon from Chorus and Cast members.

(Article Contributed by Chorus Teacher - Sue Spirup)

Holston Anatomy Group
Visits ETSU

The Holston High School Anatomy classes had a great day in Johnson City recently.  Ray Bell with the Marsh Regional Blood Center generously donated tickets to the “Our Body: The Universe Within” exhibit at the Hands On! Regional Museum in Johnson City.  The exhibit is “comprised of over 200 specimens that have been preserved using a method known as polymer impregnation. Each gallery within the exhibit provides information about specific systems of the human body and each display is presented in a concise, factual and dignified manner”.  While our students were at the museum, teachers and medical students from ETSU Quillen College of Medicine joined us for the tour.  After the museum we all went back to ETSU’s Anatomy Lab for a very hands on introduction to Human Anatomy at the university level.  Not only did the ETSU Quillen College of Medicine Anatomy Lab go far above and beyond the call of duty in terms of accommodating Holston High School, but the presentation at Quillen was extremely impressive and very professionally done.  Huge thanks go out to not only Ray Bell, but to Dr. Caroline Abercrombie (Anatomy Lab Director), Rob Becker (Anatomy Lab Coordinator), Dr.Tom Kwasigroch (Quillen Assoc Dean for Student Affairs), Doug Taylor (Quillen Asst Dean of Admissions), Anthony Jancovich (Anatomical Technician), and the Medical School students who worked so well with Joe Smith’s and Steve Ahn’s classes.

(Article Contributed by Science Teacher - Steve Ahn)

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