1st 9 Week All A Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following students who were named to the All A Honor Roll for the first nine-week grading period: 

Seniors:  Dolly B., Taylor B., Sara B., Emily D., Seth H., Alexandra L., Ashley M., Faith R., Seth S., Sydney T., Seth W., Kelsey W., and Chloe Y.   Juniors:  Melanie D., Madison G., Abby H., Alysha H., Emilee H., Michael J., Jacob J., Morgan K., Sean L., Justin N., Madison P., Cassandra P., Melissa R., Ethan S., Summer S., Caleb T., Morgan T., and Skye W.  Sophomores:  Micheal F., Ashley F., Andrew F., Miles H., Bailey L., Hayden L., Trayton M., Sierra M., Diana S., Lauren W., and Morghan W.  Freshmen:  Jacob B., Laken B., Hanna D., Leo E., Alexandria G., Jenna G., Cody H., Mason K., Ethan P., Madison R., Adam R., Sarah S., Mariss S., Amber S., Rylee T., and Anna Blake W.

Contact Person: 
Kendra Addison