On March 23, 2018, the Holston High FBLA took 27 club members on a field trip to Boone, NC.  While at Boone, they toured the Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University as well as the Mast General Store.  The college tour guides and the supervisor intrigued students with the opportunities offered at the business school.  The students learned about college level FBLA, which is called Phi Beta Lambda “PBL” or “Professional Business Leaders.”  They were given a sneak peek of what it’s like to attend the school.  After touring the business campus, club members went to the Mast General Store located on King Street.  There they learned about the basics of running a business, the online store, how the stores gets their products, inventory, and how they bring everything together to run a successful business.  After a brief introduction, students were split up into groups.  Each group toured a different department within the store and were given background information for each section. The students were then given an opportunity to shop.  The final destination was the Mast Candy shop, where everyone stopped for a group photo as shown below.

This field trip had an impact on members of the club.  When asked for their comments,  Sophomore Ivy H. and senior Santana M. stated that, “We learned a lot about business and enjoyed touring the college and the store.” Seniors Andrew F. and Eve W. said that visiting the Walker College of Business was, “A very educational experience.” Sophomore Morgan W. said that, “The tour of the business school was educational and it gave me a different outlook on what I could do in the future.” Senior Matthew F. said that he would, “Recommend anyone interested in obtaining a business degree to look into attending this school.” Sophomores Abbey C. and Liyah F. stated that, “App. State is an amazing school and we could go really far by earning a business degree.”  Overall the trip was a great success.  Students left knowing just what it’s like to earn a business degree and how the knowledge and training is applied in order to run a successful business.

Mast Store.png