HHS Teams Take First Place in the Sigma Zeta Math and Science Contest

Five students from Holston High School competed with many other students from Southwest Virginia High Schools at the Sigma Zeta Math & Science Contest.  The contest was a daylong event held at the University of Virginia at Wise.  Members of the math team were Rylee T., Marissa S. and Anna Blake W.  Marissa S. also competed on the science team with Sarah S. and Deanna A.  Both teams were awarded first place in their division.  Other schools from Washington County also did well, Abingdon High School and Patrick Henry High School had individual winners and the Abingdon teams won in their division.  The first place individual winners in each division were offered scholarships to UVa. Wise.

The contest included tours of the physics and chemistry labs and demonstrations performed by UVa. Wise science faculty and students.  The students were very impressed by the modern lab facilities and the sophisticated lab equipment.  The equipment and labs are used by faculty and students for research into all areas of science including cancer research.  The students were able to get a sample of what the University has to offer as they toured the campus and were treated to a great lunch.  They were also invited back to visit the observatory which is off campus but nearby.