Open House ~ Registration at Holston High School will be on Tuesday, August 6 from 12 pm until 7 pm.   Teachers and staff will take a break that day from 4 pm-5pm for dinner.  During this day, students can do the following:

  • Pick up registration packet.  All forms need to be completed and returned to 1st period teachers.  Students may do this on registrtaion day or the 1st day of school. 
  • Pay all school fees
  • Become familiar with class schedule and locate classrooms
  • Meet the Guidance Counselor to change class schedule for academic reasons only
  • Talk with teachers about supplies needed for their class
  • Locate and practice opening lockers
  • Meet with Angie Reynolds, Cafeteria Manager to pay on your account, complete a free and reduced lunch form, get lunch id code if necessary
  • Meet with Sandra Richardson, School Nurse, to drop off any medications that may needed during the school day
  • Pay for your yearbook (or pay a deposit)
  • Meet with transportation personnel to determine bus routes and times for pick up and drop off
  • Meet with Travis Gray, Athletic Director, to purchase sports passes
  • Meet with members of the SCA who will provide tours of the school, discuss dress code guidelines, and attendance procedures
  • Purchase Holston High School spirit gear


Tuesday, August 6, 2019