SADD Club Hosts "Hello Week"

The SADD Club sponsored by Mrs. Counts at Holston High School celebrated "Hello Week" for the week of September 23rd-27th.  The "Hello Week" promise is based on the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident and the objectives are to have students to be aware of students being alone, to reach out and help, and to START WITH HELLO.  Some of the activities during the week was Creative Day with each student  given a pencil so he/she could write a poem, a poster, an illustration, or a cartoon emphasizing the importance of saying "hello."  Tuesday was Meet-n-Greet with  students being recognized as they entered the school and given a treat.  Wednesday continued with the students and faculty united in wearing green to support "Start with Hello."  Wednesday was Mix-n-Mingle to encourage students to sit with someone so no one sat alone.  Friday was Random Acts of Kindness day and display of students' work from Creative Day.  Also, a Hello Smile Wall was hung up in the cafeteria for students to sign.

It was a great week and brought awareness to the students the importance of being recognized on a daily basis.