Senior Twins Have Holston Seeing Double

Holston High School has the unusual distinction of having three full twin sets and one solo member of a set in their 2018 Senior Class.  These seven individuals comprise exactly 10% of the school’s graduating class.  Additionally, they have displayed noteworthy leadership and drive.  They are among high-achieving students who have set the standard in scholarship, duty, and athletics. 

Leah and Lindsey C. are sisters, as are Bailey and Hayden L.  Matthew and Andrew F. are brothers.  Casey P. has a twin brother who is currently a homeschooled student.  The many collective distinctions of the group include:  a class president, a Miss Holston High School, honor graduates, a college signed athlete, a state wrestling champion, a cheerleader, dual credit college recipients, club presidents, quintessential volunteers, and a credentialed medical professional who has already launched her career.

Twin births in the United States are on the rise, rocketing from 1.8% per 100 of the live births in 1980 to the current rate of 3.3%.  Even so, the Senior Class at Holston contains three times the national average.  The faculty and staff are immensely proud of these fine young school leaders and the contributions they have made.  They truly are a “magnificent seven”.

twin pic.jpg