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KHonaker.jpg Dear Holston High School Community,

I would like to welcome all of you to our Holston High School family.  I say family because most of the students that we teach have parents and grandparents who attended this very school. The Holston community is a proud, strong community full of history and tradition.  I am honored to be a part of that pride, strength and tradition serving as Principal of Holston High School.

With over 50 years of experience and tradition, our Vision—“enabling each student to achieve their highest academic, social, and physical potential in order to become responsible and productive citizens” guides and inspires our faculty and staff to achieve excellence in teaching and learning.  

We appreciate and embrace the opportunity to serve your students.  We encourage you to become an active participant in your student’s educational journey!  I thank all of you for your continued support and for your commitment to the students that we serve.


Kendra D. Addison
Holston High School

Latest News

Diana S., a senior at Holston High School, has demonstrated her musical proficiency with an exemplary showing at the Virginia All-State band tryouts at James Madison University in Harrisonburg.  The event was held on February 24th and over 1,000 high school musicians attended the audition.  Dianna placed 25th among bassoon players.

Diana has high aspirations when she launches her college career.  Although she has not totally decided on which college or university she will attend, she is certain that she will major in engineering and minor in music.  She hopes to continue her performing career as a member of a college marching band.  Holston’s faculty and staff congratulate Diana and her band director, Logan Childress, for her strong showing at JMU.

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Post Date: Mar 26, 2018

HHS crowned its 54th Miss Holston at the annual beauty pageant on Saturday, February 25th.  Far from being simply a “beauty contest”, the judges on hand measured the competitors based on three major skills:  appearance, poise, and stage presence.  The pageant was divided into two rounds.  The casual round featured the girls in informal apparel.  The following round featured the contestants wearing formal clothing.  Nineteen contestants participated in the pageant and the HHS community applauds each individual for the sparkle they brought to the stage during the competition.  SCA sponsors Brittany Mullins and Tiffany Williamson were in charge of the contest.

Holston’s students, faculty, and staff congratulate the following winners:

Miss HHS—Eve W.

1st Place—Santana M.

2nd Place—Madison R.

3rd Place—Laken B.

4th Place—Santanna A.

Miss Congeniality—Madison R.

Miss Photogenic—Sierra M.

People’s Choice—Montana G.

Miss Holston 2018.png

Post Date: Mar 22, 2018

Holston High School has the unusual distinction of having three full twin sets and one solo member of a set in their 2018 Senior Class.  These seven individuals comprise exactly 10% of the school’s graduating class.  Additionally, they have displayed noteworthy leadership and drive.  They are among high-achieving students who have set the standard in scholarship, duty, and athletics. 

Leah and Lindsey C. are sisters, as are Bailey and Hayden L.  Matthew and Andrew F. are brothers.  Casey P. has a twin brother who is currently a homeschooled student.  The many collective distinctions of the group include:  a class president, a Miss Holston High School, honor graduates, a college signed athlete, a state wrestling champion, a cheerleader, dual credit college recipients, club presidents, quintessential volunteers, and a credentialed medical professional who has already launched her career.

Twin births in the United States are on the rise, rocketing from 1.8% per 100 of the live births in 1980 to the current rate of 3.3%.  Even so, the Senior Class at Holston contains three times the national average.  The faculty and staff are immensely proud of these fine young school leaders and the contributions they have made.  They truly are a “magnificent seven”.

twin pic.jpg

Post Date: Mar 16, 2018

Hayden L., a senior at Holston High School, has impressed everyone in the region and the state with her solid performances over the last few years..  She has built a legendary career in her time as a Holston wrestler and she has earned the awards to prove it.  In co-ed wrestling, she finished 5th in the state in 2017 in the 112 pound weight class.  This year, she changed weight classes and was able to finish 7th among co-ed competitors in the 117 pound category.

Even more impressive is her back to back first place finishes in girl’s wrestling.  She was the state champion in both 2017 and 2018 in her respective weight classes.  Nobody has done it better.  Hayden has built a wrestling resume that will not be forgotten.  Holston salutes Hayden, her current coach, Zach Fleenor, and former coach, Robbie Lethcoe, for an exceptional season and an exceptional career in prep wrestling.

Hayden Pic.png

Post Date: Feb 28, 2018

Rachel S., a sophomore at Holston High School, was honored in January for her essay reflecting the ideals in Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  Rachel composed an essay for Ms. Nairn’s English Class wherein she described how King’s dream is still alive and inspires young people to this day.  As a recognition for her contemporary expression of his vision, Rachel won an award and was allowed to deliver her speech during the annual celebration of his birthday at the Abingdon United Methodist Church.  Rachel’s appearance at the event was featured in story in the Bristol Herald-Courier.  She also read portions of her speech to Holston’s students during the morning announcements.

2018 marks several milestones for the King legacy.  He delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington D.C. fifty years ago in 1963.  He was felled by an assassin’s bullet 50 years ago in Memphis, Tennessee during his “Poor People’s Campaign” designed to fight poverty.   He was born on January 15, 1929 and would be 89 years old if he had lived.

King’s dream and vision will be secure as long as proactive students such as Rachel are able to understand and explain them to their fellow students and society at large.  Holston High school’s faculty and staff salute her for a job well done.

R Sexton File.jpg


Post Date: Feb 23, 2018


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