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KHonaker.jpg Dear Holston High School Community,

I would like to welcome all of you to our Holston High School family.  I say family because most of the students that we teach have parents and grandparents who attended this very school. The Holston community is a proud, strong community full of history and tradition.  I am honored to be a part of that pride, strength and tradition serving as Principal of Holston High School.

With over 50 years of experience and tradition, our Vision—“enabling each student to achieve their highest academic, social, and physical potential in order to become responsible and productive citizens” guides and inspires our faculty and staff to achieve excellence in teaching and learning.  

We appreciate and embrace the opportunity to serve your students.  We encourage you to become an active participant in your student’s educational journey!  I thank all of you for your continued support and for your commitment to the students that we serve.


Kendra D. Addison
Holston High School

Latest News

Brent Mossholder, a veteran Special Education/ Resource teacher, has been selected as Holston High School’s Teacher of the Year.  Mr. Mossholder began teaching in 2008 after having spent the first few years after college working in the retail field.  He began teaching at Abingdon High School in 2008 and came to Holston in 2011.  For the past two years he has served as department head.

A natural athlete, he was signed to play basketball by Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama before moving on to Auburn University to complete his undergraduate career.  He is a member of the varsity basketball coaching staff at HHS.  He is respected for his demeanor and patience, as well as his interest in the students he serves and coaches.

His wife, Rhonda, is also a teacher in Washington County Schools.  He has two sons, one who is attending the University of Virginia and the other a freshman at Holston.  The faculty and staff salute Mr. Mossholder for his selection and his years of service to the students.

Mossholder photo.jpg

Post Date: Feb 2, 2016

The King University Men's Vocal Ensemble visited Holston High School on January 14th.  The group of talented singers performed several American standard pop songs without instrumental accompaniment.  HHS Chorus Director Sue Spirup invited the performers to come showcase their talent for her students and the entire student body.  The ensemble sang classic standards popularized by The Manhattan Transfer and Nat King Cole.  Each member commanded a wide range of vocal tones.  The depth of their talent was evident. 

King Choral Director Shae Clay has worked closely with the HHS Chorus in the past, making guest appearances and serving as a judge in competitions.  She and Mrs. Spirup have formed a working partnership that definitely benefits the singers at Holston High School.  The visit by the men’s ensemble was well received and the faculty and students appreciated the program.

Post Date: Feb 2, 2016

Holston High School will be well represented in the upcoming 2016 Jr. and Sr. All-District Chorus events.  For the Jr. District Chorus, the following ninth-graders were selected:  Jacob B., Jake S., and Jenna G.  These students were selected from over 600 students that auditioned.  For Sr. District Chorus, the following 10th-12th graders were selected: Asiah C., Grace H., Ashelyn W., Lauren W., Laura W., and James A.  Jake-Lee J. was also selected as an alternate for this event.  All of these students will get to attend the respective chorus events.  The Jr. District event is on March 4th and 5th at Grayson High School.  The Sr. District culminating event is on February 12th and 13th at George Wythe High School.  This event will feature students from about 17 counties in this region and guest conductors.  At the end the students will present a concert for the attending public..  It is always an inspiring and rewarding event.  Holston congratulates these students and their teacher, Mrs. Spirup, for their hard work.

HHS all district chorus.jpg

Post Date: Jan 12, 2016

The Holston High School Drama Class is busy celebrating recent successes with its rendition of “A Human Write” by Amy Sutton.  The play centers on a writer who is suffering from occupational burn out.  He would like to quit writing, but internal voices drive him on and won’t allow him to leave the profession peacefully.  Chandler L. played the lead role of the tortured writer while the supporting actors supplied the internal voices.  The play won first place at the conference competition on October 29th at Northwood High School.  At the regional competition at Northview High School in Coeburn, the HHS crew brought home a 5th place finish.  Chandler L. and Lauren W. won the best actor and actress awards at the conference meet.

Holston’s faculty and staff congratulate Coach Erik Carrigan and his team on their success.  The members of the class have created a Performing Arts Club and most of them will be members of the Speech Class taught by Mr. Carrigan in the Spring.  In that class, the talented members will be able to enter the Forensics Competition in March.

Drama pic2.jpg

Post Date: Nov 30, 2015


Holston High School’s Cross Country Team is coming off of another exemplary season.  Following on the heels of last year’s success, the HHS runners again showed why they are one of the most predominant athletic units in the county.  This year, the team sent five competitors to regionals.  They were:  Tanner S., Hayden L., Michael J., Jordan O., and Miles H. 

At the regionals event, Tanner S. and Hayden L. qualified as individuals for the state finals.  They will compete in Manassas, Virginia on Saturday November 14.  HHS congratulates Coach Sammy Campbell and his team for another great season.

HHS XC pic1.jpg

Post Date: Nov 30, 2015


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