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KHonaker.jpg Dear Holston High School Community,

I would like to welcome all of you to our Holston High School family.  I say family because most of the students that we teach have parents and grandparents who attended this very school. The Holston community is a proud, strong community full of history and tradition.  I am honored to be a part of that pride, strength and tradition serving as Principal of Holston High School.

With over 50 years of experience and tradition, our Vision—“enabling each student to achieve their highest academic, social, and physical potential in order to become responsible and productive citizens” guides and inspires our faculty and staff to achieve excellence in teaching and learning.  

We appreciate and embrace the opportunity to serve your students.  We encourage you to become an active participant in your student’s educational journey!  I thank all of you for your continued support and for your commitment to the students that we serve.


Kendra D. Addison
Holston High School

Latest News

Learning a foreign language can have it's challenges, but incorporating every day activities make it easier to not only learn but also retain! 
Project REAL's Megan Hamilton joined up with Mrs. Linkous' French 3/4 class to do yoga, with a twist, in the classroom. While Hamilton instructed the students in traditional yoga poses, the students would repeat back the pose in it's French translation. After a period of practice and learning, the students then prepared exercises for their classmates to perform using only the French language. The students were given the opportunity to have mindful moments in class while also using their skills in a foreign language in a real and tangible way. 
Post Date: Sep 13, 2018

Marissa S., a senior Holston High School, was one of only 12 students in Virginia to be selected to participate in a NASA summer residential governor school mentorship program.

Marissa was paired with professional engineers at Langley Space Center in Hampton, Virginia, where she worked side-by-side with the NASA mentors from June 24 to July 21. During the monthlong program, she stayed at Christopher Newport University and was bused to the space center each day.

To be consider for the program, Marissa was subjected to a lenghty application and interview process.  She was required to submit an essay as part of her application and had the following to say about her essay “For my essay, I wrote about how we could use materials available on the planet Mars to 3D print rover-type cars, and I explained what resources may be available on Mars that would help operate the rovers.”  An excerpt from her essay reads:  “Since Mars has been of interest for many years, I have to believe that NASA intends to settle on the Red Planet. I trust, that like Earth, transportation will become a key factor to life on Mars, whether this is for scientific exploration or for common traversing.”  She continued, “Problems such as limited space and excessive transportation costs could be eliminated by having a 3D printer on Mars and using available resources. Today’s 3D printers are able to use iron and aluminum, which can both be found in the Martian crust. By using solar power smelters or chemical processes, iron and aluminum ore could be purified into raw materials for 3D printers.”

When asked to summarize her summer experience, Marissa had this to say “It was the greatest month of my life. I was able to meet people and see things that no one my age has ever met or seen before. It was really eye-opening to all the possibilities that no one knows about. I do want to tell everyone that I can that Governor's Schools are amazing opportunities to explore your interests. I was in a real work environment where I had a task and I could approach that task anyway I wanted. I was able to think creatively about the problem and had people around me who were willing to brainstorm with me. It was different from school; much better than school. I feel like I really learned because of this experience.  Working at NASA Langley has definitely set in stone that I want to be an engineer.”



Post Date: Sep 12, 2018
The annual fall preview of the Family Life Education material has been set for Tuesday Oct. 9th at Abingdon High School in the library. The preview opportunity will begin at 6:00 and end at 7:30 p.m.  For additional information please click on the link below.
Post Date: Sep 6, 2018

Holston High School faculty, staff, and students would like to extend a very warm welcome to our newest faculty members:  Guidance Counselor - Kristie Comer; Special Education Instructor - Danielle Smith; Assistant Principal - Gabe Long; School Resource Officer - Michael Reid; In-School Suspension Supervisor - Faith Ritchie; and Spanish Instructor - Emery Reid.  We our excited that they are all now part of the Cavalier family.

New HHS Faculty & Staff_0.png

Post Date: Sep 5, 2018

On Friday, August 31, 2018, Holston High School Environmental Science students calculated discharge rates on the South Fork Holston River and toured the Damascus wastewater treatment plant as part of a unit on water resources. This class is a full project based learning (PBL) endeavor that is team taught by Aaron Napier and Steve Ahn. Students in this class are challenged to not be passengers in their learning, but to be actively involved in sculpting the direction of their education. Generally, students will learn background material and then develop a group project to extend the learning process. The projects often involve research and some sort of community outreach. This day is preparation for a future project on nitrate contamination in local freshwater. Funding for equipment shown was made possible by the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS) at Virginia Tech and the NSF, special thanks to Washington County Service Authority and Cindy Freeman.



Post Date: Sep 5, 2018


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