Good Attendance Incentive Program at HHS

Students who have good attendance (do not miss a whole day and do not come to school late or dismiss early more than 3 times in a 9 week grading period) will have a chance to win a flat screen TV at the end of the school year!  Your student could have their name submitted up to four times!  

 Attendance Matters - EVERY DAY!


1st 9 Week Students with Good Attendance: 

James A., Brennan B., Jacob B., Katherine B., Taylor B., Ethan G., Abby H., Seth H., Jake-Lee J., Sean K., Adam L., Nathan M., Noelle M., Amber O., Makenzie S., Marissa S., Kelsey W., and Arabella W.


Holston's Attendance for October was 96%  Good Job HHS Parents and Students!