Holston's Drama Class Shows Its Skills

The Holston High School Drama Class is busy celebrating recent successes with its rendition of “A Human Write” by Amy Sutton.  The play centers on a writer who is suffering from occupational burn out.  He would like to quit writing, but internal voices drive him on and won’t allow him to leave the profession peacefully.  Chandler L. played the lead role of the tortured writer while the supporting actors supplied the internal voices.  The play won first place at the conference competition on October 29th at Northwood High School.  At the regional competition at Northview High School in Coeburn, the HHS crew brought home a 5th place finish.  Chandler L. and Lauren W. won the best actor and actress awards at the conference meet.

Holston’s faculty and staff congratulate Coach Erik Carrigan and his team on their success.  The members of the class have created a Performing Arts Club and most of them will be members of the Speech Class taught by Mr. Carrigan in the Spring.  In that class, the talented members will be able to enter the Forensics Competition in March.

Drama pic2.jpg