FBLA Visits Knoxville Zoo

On Saturday, November 12th, the Holston High School FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Club visited the Knoxville Zoo.  FBLA members were able to see many different animals throughout the zoo, and learn about their natural habitats and the care that is needed in order for these animals to stay healthy and happy.  The students also got to see how hard the workers strive to keep the park clean and functional for both the animals and people viewing the exhibits.  The members also got to experience many different species and animals from various continents.  Bethany Q., an 11th grade student said, “The zoo was an excellent example of how a business is operated day in and day out!  I also enjoyed getting to be around friends and going out to eat afterwards”.  Sophomores Claudia F. and Sarah S. added that,”The zoo was an excellent experience and we enjoyed seeing all of the animals”.