HHS named in 100 Best W!SE High School

For the fifth consecutive year, Holston High School has been recognized as one of the top 100 best W!SE high schools in personal finance education.  In addition the school was also presented the Silver Anniversary Cup recognizing Holston as one of the highest performing schools in the nation for the last five years. 

w!se created the 100 Best w!se High Schools Teaching Personal Finance to recognize schools of excellence in its national network of participants in the Financial Literacy Certification program. This award winning program provides schools with the curriculum and resources to support their personal finance instruction and to measure students’ financial literacy when they take w!se’s Financial Literacy Certification Test. Students passing the Test become Certified Financially Literate™ a nationally recognized credential.

The “100 Best” ranking is the first and only national ranking in the field of personal finance education and is determined based on the average Certification Test score from each school with consideration given to the number of test takers and the socio-economic background of the students at each school.

Congratulations to our Business Department - Mrs. Joy Munsey and Mr. Sam Campbell.

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